The legal situation for the crowdsourced taxi firm Uber in Concord is a little squishy, as it is in many parts of New Hampshire, but the service is slowly expanding anyway, reports the Concord Monitor:

Local cab companies have only noticed a minimal Uber presence so far; for example, St. Paul’s School students who come from bigger cities have been using the app.

Kirk McNeil, co-owner of nanobrewery Area 23 in Concord, has enough confidence in Uber to refer customers at his bar. On some busy weekends, he has worked with Acton and other friends who drive for Uber to make sure the service is available in Concord.

“The city wants people downtown,” he said. “The city doesn’t want people drinking and driving. The city wants business to succeed. Uber is something that helps all those things.”

So the bar has also posted about the service on its Facebook page on nights when a driver is in town. McNeil keeps Uber cards at the cash register – alongside cards for local cab companies. His goal, he said, is to make sure an intoxicated customer has a number of options to get home at night – other than getting behind the wheel.

And in an unrelated move, a court has upheld the FAA ban on “ride-sharing” for airplanes, reports Engaget.

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