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Duck curve meets turkey-cooking curve

(Oops; I forgot to post this yesterday - the Portland Press-Herald's excellent energy reporter Tux Turkel did a story about it today) From ISO New England, the folks who run the six-state power grid: For the first time since at least 2000, and possibly ever,...

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Mountain vs. clouds, New Hampshire edition

The National Weather station in Gray, Maine, which also covers most of New Hampshire, puts some interesting stuff on its Facebook page. This is from today (Dec. 14): Mount Washington isn't that tall by global standards, or even U.S. standards, but its relative...

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Cell-phone blimp gets a test flight in N.H.

The MIT-connected startup Altaeros Energies has built a blimp hangar in Fremont, N.H. – halfway between Manchester and the Seacoast – to do R&D on their plan to use blimps as cheap cell towers in rural areas. The Union-Leader reports that they had their first test...

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About Granite Geek

Dave Brooks has written a science/tech column since 1991 - yes, that long - and has written this blog since 2006, keeping an eye on topics of geekish interest in and around New Hampshire, from software to sea level rise, population dynamics to printing (3-D, of course). He moderates monthly Science Cafe NH discussions, beer in hand, and discusses the geek world regularly on New Hampshire Public Radio.

Brooks earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics but got lost on the way to the Ivory Tower and ended up in a newsroom. He has reported for newspapers from Tennessee to New England. Rummage through his bag of awards you'll find oddities like three Best Blog prizes from the New Hampshire Press Association and a Writer of the Year award from the N.H. Farm and Forest Bureau, of all places. He joined the Concord Monitor in 2015.

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