I can’t afford a Tesla and real-world electric cars don’t have the range to handle my embarrassingly long commute (shame on me) – until now, that is. Later this year General Motors will start selling the Bolt, the badly-named (too close to its Volt) but really interesting electric car.  GM claims it will have 200 miles range and a price around $35,000 , which if true would be really revolutionary.

Wired has a story titled How GM Beat Tesla to the First Mass-Market Electric Car, and it’s quite interesting. It notes the irony that GM did more than anybody to kill earlier electric cars, and yet how it is trying to seize the post-fossil-fuel future via the Volt (which is the car I would buy, if I ever bought new cars) and the Bolt.

I grew up in the era of the Chevy Vega and the Chevette, two of the worst cars ever made, so the idea that GM would create interesting and valuable cars is mind-boggling. It will be interesting to see how the Bolt actually performs and lasts over time.

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