If you’re psyched by “deep drawing, hydroforming, and electromagnetic forming” processes, or finite element analysis modeling  or “biaxial tensile testing equipment and portable and non-contact strain measurements using digital imaging correlation” then have I got an event for you: a free workshop at the University of New Hampshire in Durham which focuses on metal deformation processes.

Deformation is a fancy term for bending or twisting or stretching and otherwise changing something’s shape. Doing this to metal has been at the core of the Industrial Revolution since the revolution began  but that doesn’t mean that the techniques for doing it have stayed the same.  Hence this workshop.

The workshop will be held from 4 to 8 pm, Wednesday May 25, with complimentary dinner provided. It will “provide an opportunity for attendees to learn about the process, tour the state-of-the-art metal forming facilities and discuss the latest technology” says UNH:

Metal forming processes account for $113 billion of North America’s GDP, making them one of the major drivers of economic prosperity and national security. They are among the most economical and energy-efficient manufacturing methods, ranging from prototype to mass-production and from micro to mega. The workshop is of interest to metal fabricators and others who work with metals.

Although there is no charge, registration is required: www.formingthefuture.eventbrite.com


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