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I will join a computer professor and a manager from high-flying tech company Dyn for a discussion about the history, technology, and impact of the Internet after a showing of “Lo and Behold” at Red River Theaters in Concord on Monday evening.

“Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World” is a documentary by German director Werner Herzog about the history and effects of the Internet. The well-reviewed film follows the internet from its birth in a lab at the University of California in 1969 to it current global interconnectedness, which it sees as being loaded with promise and peril. It includes interview with people ranging from Elon Musk touting his idea to send humans to Mars, to a gruop who has fled to West Virginia to avoid electromagnetic signals, all tinged with Herzog’s famously deep, stentorian gloom.

The post-movie discussion will include Shandra Bacher, director of Customer & Market Intelligence at Dyn, the computer-networking firm in Manchester, as well as  Kenneth Gitlitz, associate professor of computer engineering technology at NHTI, Concord’s community college.

All are welcome. The film starts at 6:45 Monday at Red River Theaters, 11 S. Main St. Tickets are $10, with discounts for seniors and members.

For information, see the website at

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