“Ten years ago, the best-selling jacket at L.L. Bean was a heavily insulated parka rated for temperatures between 10 degrees and minus 40. Today, the top seller is an ultralight down jacket rated between 25 and minus 25. Coming on strong is a down sweater that weighs almost nothing and is rated between 30 and minus 20.”

That’s the start of a really interesting story by Tux Turkel of the Portland Press-Herald looking at one of many effects of the changing climate. You can read the whole story here.

Another effect is the flooding that parts of New Hampshire’s coast say Tuesday from the “king tide” associated with that over-hyped supermoon (over-hyped but beautiful, as Geoff Forester’s great photo above shows).  Flooding like that is going to become more and more common as we heat up the oceans, making the water expand, and top it off with melting glaciers.


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