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NH patents through June 4

(Links to each patent can be found here, using the patent number.) By Targeted News Service WASHINGTON – The following federal patents were assigned in New Hampshire through June 4. *** Devices, Methods and Systems for Wireless Control of Medical Devices DEKA PRODUCTS...

Local graduation story, but with bears

The Valley News has a story (here) about a Lyme-based center that raises cubs that have lost their mothers “either due to being killed by firearms or being struck by vehicles” 137 of the American black bear yearlings being released this spring back into...

Cars ruin cities, the biometrics version

Interesting Scientific American article (here) about biometric study of people in cities, with this conclusion: Our research group at Tufts University has conducted a number of facial analysis and eye-tracking studies, and sifting through these data we see that people...

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