Our last Science Cafe before the December break is tonight in Concord. The topic? 3-D printing:

It was the next big thing a couple of years ago, with visions of a world where we could print out most of our worldly goods on demand, and then it faded out of view. Two companies that jumped into the home 3-D printing market have jumped back out due to poor sales, and the hype disappeared.

Yet the technology didn’t. It continues to evolve and its uses continue to expand in homes and, more importantly, in businesses. Which is why Science Cafe Concord is going to discuss 3-D printing tonight at 6 p.m. in our usual watering hole, The Draft Sports Bar, 67 S. Main St.

One panelists will be from SolidScape, a Merrimack firm that makes and sells 3-D printers for industry, especially dentists and jewelers; one will be from Technology Education Concepts in Concord, which uses the printers for education, and one will be from Manchester Makerspace, where 3-D printers are part of the fun.

Starts at 6 p.m. at The Draft, 67 S. Main St., Concord. Free, of course. Details are here.

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