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Oracle Co. has been a big presence in Nashua for such a long time that it’s located on Oracle Drive. Maybe they’ll make a similar street in the Manchester Millyard, since Oracle has announced it will buy Dyn, the state’s highest-flying tech firm, for somewhere around  $2.3 billion (according to reports, not official word).

News of the purchase came out Monday and reaction from many people (some of whom only heard of Dyn after the Mirai botnet took it down last month) often followed the line that “Dyn drew massive attention with the DDOS attack, and this is their reward” – but I can’t imagine that a purchase this size hasn’t been in the works for a long time. Or you could go with this self-deprecating tweet from one observer: “[Tinfoil] Hey, what if Oracle masterminded the Mirai attacks to depress Dyn’s value? [/tinfoil]

A Dyn blog post from Chief Strategy Officer does say much aside from the usual thing you hear when one company is bought by another: “We see that for enterprises to thrive in the digital, always-on business environment, they need a full-stack cloud platform provider. Such a platform would need to have best-of-breed services at every layer. The cloud team at Oracle are doing exactly that and we think it’s game-changing. They are building the world’s most comprehensive cloud computing platform from the ground up.”

Dyn is best known for Domains Name Service (DNS) products, but it sells a variety of online performance tools. They have been very successful, growing fast and creating a huge presence in the business/entrepreneur ecosystem in southern New Hampshire. Let’s hope Oracle doesn’t mess with that … I saw one tweet that reacted like this: “your reaction when the best company is bought by the worst company”.

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