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Tuesday, March 21, Science Cafe Concord will contemplate New Hampshire demographics. You’ve probably heard about how we’re facing a “silver tsunami” with more older people and fewer kids, making northern New England the oldest region in the country – but you may not know why it’s happening.

Don’t we canoodle any more? Are old people sneaking over the border at night? Does that “Bienvenue” on welcome signs at the border secretly mean “Go away, everybody who doesn’t remember using a dial telephone”?

You can find out Tuesday. A trio of experts on demographics will be on hand, amid the beer and pub food, with facts and figures, surveys and censuses, historical trends and reasonable forecasts, to answer our questions and put what’s happening in context.

As always it’s free, at The Draft Sports Bar, 67 S. Main St., and is driven by your questions. The session starts at 6 p.m.

Details, including TV footage of some past Science Cafe Concord sessions, are on

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