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I created a standing desk at the Nashua Telegraph by nailing together three boards into a keyboard support that I could put under my desk when I wanted to sit down (ergonomic variety is key). The keyboard and monitor weren’t really at the right heights, but it was better than just sitting as I typed and made phone calls all day.

Here at the Concord Monitor my standing desk is slightly less kludge-y because there is a swinging support, designed for a monitor, that I use for the keyboard when I want to stand up. I had to steal three plastic thingies from the supply room to prop up the monitor to the correct height, more or less.

One problem: There’s another swinging keyboard support under the desk that doesn’t quite get out of the way, so it stabs me in the thigh while I’m working. Still, that keeps from falling asleep if I have to write about politics. In theory I’m going to get a real standing/sitting desk apparatus soon

kludge standing desk

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