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The startup competitions are coming fast and furious. Last Friday was Rise of the Rest, featuring AOL founder Steven Case (if the words “warm regards” come to mind, you were also online before that Internet thing got up to speed*), which gave $100,000 to FreshAir Sensor of Lebanon. This thursday, it’s TechOut from the New Hampshire High Tech Council and incubator AlphaLoft.

It’s got $50,000 for first place and $30,000 for second place, as determined by the judges, plus $20,000 for a third-place firm determined by votes from teh audience. Unlike Rise of the Rest, a newbie to the area, TechOut has several years under its New Hampshire belt.

Finalists for 2015 are AlignRevenue, AuthEntry, IndustryMD, SalesGoose and Slipstream Music Player.

The event runs 5:30 to 7:30 pm on Wednesday, October 7 at Dyn, 150 Dow St., Manchester. It’s in Dyn’s new event center, located south of the company’s main entrance. “Look for signs!” pleads the company.

Details are here.

*Case signed off all his public letters to America Online subscribers with that phrase, to the point that it became something of a joke. Here’s an example.

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