One of the main reasons I’d like to have an electric car is not having to go to the gas station. Gassing up at home every night (so to speak) sounds awesome, and I’ve interviewed a few owners over the year who say they love not having to go out of their way to fill up the tank every week or so. People who think electric cars are stupid due to range anxiety overlook this benefit, I think.

I mention this because I stumbled on a Slate article about the joys of owning a Tesla, which includes this:

One thing that is underappreciated with Teslas is the convenience of home charging. I wake up with a full charge and more than 200 hard-driving miles of range every single morning. I never have to stop at a gas station or worry whether I have enough fuel to make it to work. It takes me much less aggregate time to charge my car than my wife uses filling the tank in her Honda every month. And it is much cheaper, even with historically low gas prices.

Sounds great. If only they’d get rid of those stupid problem-prone door handles. And lower the price …

Speaking of Tesla, GM legend Bob Lutz (who created the Volt) thinks it is doomed, or so says Car and Driver.  Treehugger, who filrts with Tesla fanboy-dom at times but is no fool, disagrees.

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