Dean Kamen and a bunch of folks associated with his Manchester R&D firm Deka have received a patent that seems to allow you to operate a Segway-like vehicle by leaning the handlebars back and forth, as shown in one patent illustration above, or perhaps by twisting your waist, judging from another illustration.

Titled “Control of a personal transportation based on user position,” it’s a long, detailed patent “designed to reduce lateral instability due to lateral acceleration.” It includes, says the summary, “means of reflecting to the rider a propitious instantaneous body orientation to enhance stability.” (That may be the first time I have ever typed the word “propitious.”)

Kamen, of course, sold off Segway several years ago. I can’t imagine he would want to get back into that business, although you never know. Segway is now owned by a Chinese firm call Ninebot, which makes “personal transportation devices.”

The patent is No. 9,188,984.


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