NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown did a show about Corbin Park, aka Blue Mountain Forest Association, a roughly 25,000-acre private hunting club in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire (it occupies more than half the town of Croydon, and that’s just part of it). It has a mere 30 members and is enclosed by a 12-foot-high fence that’s 26 miles long. Sam didn’t get inside, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

Here’s the show, launching his new Outside/In program. It includes extras that, among other things, explain how lobster traps work.

The surprising thing about the park, as far as I’m concerned, is that it contains lots of Eurasian wild boar – the sort of feral pigs that are causing such a problem in the Southwest – and they escape occasionally. That’s all we need: A 200-pound invasive species that can outrun people.

The show notes that it’s no longer legal to create a private hunting preserve in New Hampshire.


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