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Next week is a packed one for Science Cafe in New Hampshire – there’s a special discussion in Laconia on Monday about opioid abuse, and Science Cafe Concord on Tuesday discussion the science of brewing. And then on Wednesday, I’m part of something different, a wicked geeky discussion at Red River Theaters in Concord after a movie. Find out more on the theater’s Facebooks page:

“What is This Thing Called Math?”

After viewing the biopic “The Man Who Knew Infinity,” the true story of a poor Indian clerk, Srinivasa Ramanujan, who became one of the most celebrated mathematicians of the 20th century, stay for a talk with Concord Monitor’s David Brooks, who writes The Granite Geek column, and former NASA scientist and director of Ask Dr. Math, Ian Underwood. ¬†These two will dust off their mathematics degrees and discuss why Ramanujan’s work was so startling, what it says about the nature of The Queen of Sciences, and even contemplate a question that has stumped people since the ancient Greeks: Do we discover new mathematics, or do we invent it?

They’ll take your questions, too – although don’t try to get them to do your kid’s algebra homework. They’re too sharp to fall for that one.

Wednesday, June 8 in the Simchik Cinema Screening Room, after the 6 p.m. screening of the film. Non-Members $10, RRT Members $8

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