Science Cafe NH is returning in September after our summer hiatus. The topic in both Nashua (Wed., Sept. 7) and Concord (Tuesday, Sept. 20) will be “Coping with Climate Change.” What are people, businesses, organizations and governments in New Hampshire doing to prepare for a warmer, wetter, wilder future, and what should we doing?

Panelists so far include Rhett Lamb, city planner for Keene; Trevor Hardy of Brookdale Farms in Hollis; Sherry Godlewski, environmental program manager with NH Department of Environmental Services.

As always, the cafes will be casual question-and-answer sessions amid pub food and beer. We’ll keep things relatively light, trying not to get too depressed as we contemplate the changes coming in a 2-degrees-warmer-world. This is probably the most important issue facing humanity these days, even if it’s a tough issue to get our hands around (partly because you and I are among the culprits), so it’s worth discussing. See you there.

Incidentally, I made that book cover above at Pulp-O-Mizer. You should make one, too; it’s fun.


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