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Few things are more irritating to a reporter than getting scooped on home turf by an out-of-state reporter. So I blew my top when I read this piece in about a lawsuit that went to the  N.H Supreme Court concerning an insurance claim about a pizza dropped on somebody by a delivery drone. The question is whether a drone is an “aircraft” as covered by the insurance policy.

Argh!!!! I screamed. Drones and pizza and the clash of tech and law  – what a great story! How did I miss it?!?!?!

I didn’t – the lawsuit and ruling doesn’t exist, at least not in New Hampshire, nor anywhere else I can find. publishes pieces by non-staffers; this one was written by an “insurance analyst” for “a personal finance research website” with a silly name. I don’t know where he got his information (he hasn’t answered my queries) but alas, we still have await the great court ruling over pizza-dropping drone insurance.

My searches did find one thing: the N.H. Supreme Court has made a surprising number of rulings in cases revolving around pizza, usually involving people hurt while delivering it. But not by drones.

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