The big news in large-scale New England alternative energy is the Massachusetts Clean Energy program, in which utilities were required to procure 1,200 MW of clean energy, including large-scale hydropower, in addition to a separate requirement to obtain 1,600 MW of offshore wind, as well as establish an energy storage target.

Some details of bids were made available this week – right here – but before you download and Winzip all the files, note that most of the good stuff, like dollars, was redacted out while Mass. weighs which ones to choose.

Northern Pass was a bidder, of course, as were four similar Quebec-to-New England power line proposals (story here from Utility Dive). a whole bunch of solar projects were bid, including the delightfully named Gravel Pit Solar Park. From the technical side of things, maybe the most interesting proposal is a 144-MW offshore wind farm with 40MW of battery storage (Utility Dive wrote about it, too)

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