Last year I reported on a law to study what to do about driverless cars in NH – it was sent to a study committee, which can be sensible for a death knell, depending on how it goes – but the pace of autonomous vehicle adoption just keeps speeding up. A bill is being considered that would allow testing of driverless cars on NH roads, reports the Monitor:

Anyone with a self-driving vehicle, a $10 million insurance plan and $500 for a state licensing fee could apply with the Department of Transportation to test the vehicle on New Hampshire roads.

Applicants would be required to produce certification that the vehicle had been previously tested under controlled conditions that would simulate the testing environment in New Hampshire. And they would need to demonstrate a plan for how the vehicle would interact with law enforcement – the type of encounter some on the committee said could become quickly fraught.

It’s a good story that goes into some of the concerns, including how do police react to an autonomous vehicles that’s breaking the law.

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