A seafood restaurant in Portland (Maine, that is – the real Portland) tried a sort of smoke infusion method of getting lobsters high from weed before boiling them, arguing that it was more humane.

The state, which like many states is still trying to figure out rules and regulations as marijuana becomes legal, said no – but not before this became everybody’s favorite seafood story. (Story from SeafoodSource is here. This is an international news organization, as you can tell from the fact that they included “USA” in the first reference to Portland is.)

The restaurant is not serving the “smoked” lobsters to customers, according to a letter from Gill on the restaurant’s website. Some news reports falsely claimed the restaurant was serving the medicated lobsters to customers, according to Charlotte Gill, owner of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound and a state-licensed medical marijuana dispenser.

“We are not currently selling this meat, (nor have we). The lobster that we have prepared thus far was purely for our own testing and study as well as to be able to have a conclusive base of information to work from when we were eventually met with these questions,” Gill wrote.



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