The news that came out this week about Oracle moving Dyn’s DNS service to the cloud will have an uncertain effect in Manchester – as the Union-Leader has reported, there have been some layoffs and, ominously, the company “was negotiating to extend its lease at 150 Dow St. The landlord had put Oracle’s 100,000-plus square feet on the market for lease, prompting questions about the company’s future in the Millyard.” (June 25 U-L story is here, and I’m sure they’ll have regular updates.)

From a business point of view, this is typical. Many times over the years I’ve written about an outside company buying a local company and giving speeches about how nothing’s going to change … and then everything changes. If the numbers point that way Oracle will drop Manchester in an instant; if not, they’ll continue to be part of the community. You’d be naive to expect anything different.

From a tech point of view, taking the service that Dyn literally was named after and completely altering it has its advocates and critics. Network World, for one, is dubious – read their story here if you have interest in things like DNSSEC, HTTP redirect and “Zone transfer to external nameservers”.

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