Wild turkeys have become so common in New Hampshire since their reintroduction four decades ago, you wouldn’t biologists need any help keeping track. I see at least one virtually every time I drive anywhere.

But New Hampshire Fish and Game would still like your assistance via its annual brood survey, running through the end of August: “The public can help New Hampshire Fish and Game biologists estimate how many young turkeys survive into adulthood in a particular year by taking part” they say at the web site (right here).

The page includes this clever guide for us non-biologists to help estimate the age of young turkeys:

  • Sparrow size = chicks
  • Robin size = 2-week-olds
  • Quail size = 3-week-olds
  • Pigeon size = 4-week-olds
  • Grouse size = 6-week-olds
  • Pheasant size = 8-week-olds

That’s cool, but I’ll admit that I, a non-hunter, don’t have a very good concept of grouse vs. pheasant size.

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