The day has long gone when “building unveils solar array” is much in the way of news – but I’ll make an exception for Dover High School, which installed a rooftop array so big that it increases the state’s (admittedly small) solar capacity by 1.5%.

You can see the picture of the 912-kilowatt array (2,581 panels) above, courtesy of ReVision Energy, which installed it. (They’re putting panels on my house, too – only 18 of them, however; no perceptible impact on state solar production is expected.)

There are larger arrays in the state, but so far as I know they’re all ground-mounted.

Why every large, flat, modern* building roof doesn’t look like that is beyond me.

*Many old mills and factories that seem perfect for rooftop solar have supports too widely space to add the weight of panels; they’re already pushing winter snow-load limits.

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