Science Cafe NH in Concord was yesterday (assuming you’re reading this newsletter as it drops). We talked about linguistics, the science of how and why language changes, for two hours. I’m sure it was fascinating, but I’m writing this in advance so I’ll have to be conditional in my statement.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing it, mark your calender for the next Science Cafe NH in Concord on Nov. 20, when we’ll discuss Engineered Timber a.k.a. Mass Lumber – “is it the climate-change-fighting construction material of the future?” (Note: it will be the third Wednesday rather than the fourth, to avoid Thanksgiving)

Or go to Nashua on Nov. 13 for a Q&A on residential solar, whether it makes sense for you. It’ll be interesting to see what themed cocktail the Riverwalk Cafe whips up for that one!

For all details:

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