“The unsung heroes of the pandemic are supply chain managers” says the headline on a story in the Monitor (read it here) and boy that’s true. Most of us hadn’t even heard the term “supply chain” until a few months ago and now our lives are whipsawed by them.

There are some nice details in the story, such as:

He also partnered with a resiliency mapping service that constantly sends notifications to his phone about world events that could have an impact on his supplies – a new CEO at a manufacturing company, a volcanic explosion, a worker strike. He then matches these events to an expansive database of where his supplies are manufactured to see if it will impact his hospitals.


Lancaster sees the world in terms of medical supplies. Every news story can be traced back to an item in his warehouse. For example, any current even involving Thailand, one of the few countries that have rubber trees readily available, makes Lancaster immediately think about surgical gloves.


“When I see something in Thailand, I think ‘holy smokes, are my gloves okay?’ ” he said.

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