There are a few thousand eastern wolves – a slightly smaller relative of the gray wolf – in Ontario and Quebec. DNA analysis of scat found in northern Maine near Canada shows that at least one of them has crossed the border, making it the first documented case of that species in the U.S. Whether any friends joined it, or whether its still here, is unclear.

Maine Public Radio has a story here.

Many people would like to see wolves return to the Great North Woods because alpha predators are important for an ecosystem. Many others would not like to see them return because – well, because they’re wolves. “Cry of the Wild” and all that.

To anticipate excited reaction from the big cat crowd, don’t say “Wolves are here so mountain lions must be, too!” The two species migrate in very different ways (female mountain lions don’t like to travel far to set up new dens but female wolves will cover long distances – literally thousands of miles in some documented cases – to find a mate.)

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