As I have indicated before, I am very worried about efforts to dismantle American voting being pushed by the extremists who have taken over the Republican Party in New Hampshire and most of the nation.

There’s a cacophony of laws being proposed and passed that make it harder to register to vote, harder to vote, easier to be blocked at the polling place and easier to have your ballot rejected after the fact, all combined with an endless stream of made-up claims about problems and “fraud”. The whole mess is designed to undermine public confidence in democracy with the goal of letting the GOP claim power even when it doesn’t win an election.

Alarmingly, this FUD seems to be working. As a voter and New Hampshire resident, you should be worried, too, and paying attention to what your local and state lawmakers are doing.

That’s depressing, so let’s take a moment to look five years when there was a more light-hearing controversy about polling places: Whether it was legal to share a picture of your completed ballot. We were so young and naive back then.

New Hampshire polling places no longer warn you not to take ‘ballot selfies’ – Granite Geek (

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