A proposed law would make it very difficult to put 5G antennas in New Hampshire because of concern about “biological symptoms from wireless radiation exposure.”

The bill would require new telecommunication antennas to be kept 1,640 feet, one-third of a mile, from residential areas, parks, playgrounds, hospitals, nursing homes, day-care centers and schools. As the Keene Sentinel reports (here, paywalled) that would make it almost impossible to put new antennas in any New Hampshire town. 5G will require lots of new antennas.

The idea that antennas are sending out invisible waves which hurt us in some unspecified way has been around ever since Marconi’s days but there’s never been any actual evidence supporting it. Putting a cell phone next to your head to talk exposes us to <bignum> more “radiation” than every antenna in town combined, but I don’t see many bills seeking to ban cellphones.

Here’s the bill: AN ACT relative to the placement of telecommunication antennae and establishing a registry for residents who are experiencing biological symptoms from wireless radiation exposure

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