Cameron Wake at UNH has been warning about climate change for a couple of decades – his reports were the first to make me realize the severity of the situation in the early 2000’s – and he’s still at it. Because climate change is still at it; in fact, it’s happening more quickly than we thought it would.

“This is not something that is just a problem for the future,” says Cameron Wake, research professor in climatology and glaciology and an author of the 2021 New Hampshire Climate Assessment Report, along with fellow UNH researchers, Elizabeth Burakowski and state climatologist Mary Lemcke-Stampone. “Human driven climate change is happening now and we’re at a critical crossroads. “Those trends could get exponentially worse if we don’t take some action to slow the process and rapidly decrease emissions.”

The report looked at data from 10 communities around New Hampshire, from Colebrook to Keene to the Seacoast, and offers not only the science behind these projections but forecasts what would happen if significant emission reduction were pursued. It highlights how different warming scenarios could tip the delicate balance in ecosystems, noting the potential increase in the number of invasive species and disease-carrying insects which could be an issue for both wildlife and humans.

That’s from this article by UNH Research News.

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