I’m not sure whether to brag about this or be embarrassed, but wikipedia tells me today is the 20th anniversary of my first edit on that unexpectedly effective website.

According to their stats, I have made 40,438 edits over those decades, from creating entire articles to adding a punctuation mark or changing one word, which makes me the 2,578th most active editor at the moment. I guess that’s no worse than having played 40,438 games of Minesweeper, which at one time looked to be a likely tally by this point in my life.

When wikipedia turned 15, back in 2018, I hunted down the editor who created the article about Concord. He turned out to be quite interesting as you can find by reading the article.

Or you can read this one: “Wikipedia (bless its contrarian little heart) just made one of my columns wrong”

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