Merchant Fleet in Hooksett recently added 13 charging ports to its existing supply of 12, to meet employee demand for places to plug in their cars during the day. NHBR has a story about the unveiling here.

I can’t decide if we should be impressed or depressed about this celebration. Is 25 EV ports a lot or a little for a company with hundreds of employees on site? Is it a sign that the EV transition is going well or going badly? Should this be commonplace by now, or is it OK that it is still extraordinary in New Hampshire? Darned if I know.

Mercant’s Fleet, which owns or operates fleets of vehicles for businesses around the country, has long touted its EV chops, saying it is in the nation’s biggest operator of electric vehicles.

Commercial vehicles, especially local-delivery trucks and vans, are the best case scenario for electrification, of course, since they have relatively predictable use and return to the same place at night, making it easier to set up charging stations.

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