Welcome, Concord Monitor readers surprised by the appearance of this venerable blog, and welcome back Granitegeek.org readers who are scratching their heads and wondering what the heck is going on.

Here’s what is going on: I have moved.

I spent 28 years as a reporter at the Nashua Telegraph, where my weekly column “Science from the Sidelines” was born in 1991  It eventually morphed into the weekly column “Granite Geek” which produced this blog. But now I have shifted my professional life an hour north and am a reporter for The Concord Monitor.

The change was prodded by a variety of factors, a big one being The Monitor’s interest in topic blogs as a way to inform and entertain – and hopefully make a few bucks.

The Monitor’s desire to have GraniteGeek alongside the blogs Food Trail and Soundcheck shows a healthy understanding that science and technology, just like music and food, are necessary parts of a full, rich life. A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, a great Spotify playlist and thou might be enough for some people, but I’d also like reminiscence about the video-game pioneer from Manchester whose workshop is now in the Smithsonian, a frenzied debate about who is the most important mathematician with N.H. roots (Kemeny? Appel? Zhang?),  or a couple of good jokes about the invasive species known as rock snot.

I hope you like those, too, because that’s what Granite Geek is all about. There’s no particular publishing schedule, so stay tuned. Or email me at dbrooks@cmonitor.com.

If you’re new to the blog and want to see what brought us here, the last few years of posts can be read on the Telegraph’s website: nashuatelegraph.com/granitegeek.


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