Perhaps prodded by my light-hearted story Tuesday about whether Mt. Washington should be renamed Agiocochook, somebody has petitioned the White House to do just that, noting that George Washington owned 300 slaves, and “Allowing the George Washington’s name on places is offensive to all U.S. residents of color.”

It also asks that Washington, D.C. be renamed, although it says nothing about Washington state.

Here’s the petition (link is fixed), which I strongly suspect is a joke or parody; it has 2 signatures, putting it 99,998 short of the number needed by Oct. 1 for it to be officially considered.

These online petitions shouldn’t be taken too seriously; one of the most popular asked the government to build a Death Star next year. Obama declined to try to replace the evil weapon from “Star Wars.”

Somebody, perhaps the same person, has been inserting this petition into the wikipedia article about Mt. Washington. Grumpy editors keep removing it.


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