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Speaking of the anonymous-websurfing tool Tor, as we were two posts ago, Bloomberg Business reports that Russian efforts to crack the system, which is popular with dissidents in authoritiative places like, for example, Russia, have failed:

The Kremlin was willing to pay 3.9 million rubles ($59,000) to anyone able to crack Tor, a popular tool for communicating anonymously over the Internet. Now the company that won the government contract expects to spend more than twice that amount to abandon the project.

The article says the number of Russian users of Tor has jumped “about 40 percent from the beginning of the year, to more than 175,000.” You can read the whole piece here.

Although brilliant and brilliantly executed, Tor is not invulnerable, as this Vice article notes. It discusses the use of “a vulnerability encoded in almost every commercial router and some statistical analysis to figure out who is who.”

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