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Dave Solomon of the Union-Leader writes today in weekly energy column about a new report in which 100 New Hampshire business leaders urge action against climate change because they’re afraid of the hit that their businesses are going to absorb as weather gets more extreme. Read his column here; it’s good stuff. Or you can read about the group itself here.

The report points out that New Hampshire has seen 18 presidentially declared weather disasters between 1986 and 2012, with seven of the most severe occurring since 2005. And that doesn’t include the polar vortex of 2014 or “Snowmageddon” of last winter. Weather disasters from wildfires to floods are topping the national news on an almost nightly basis. Businesses have a long list of lost revenue, property damage, delayed openings, premature closings and direct costs associated with such events, many of which are outlined in the report.

The report, and Dave’s article, sidestep the question of what’s causing climate change and talk about how to prepare for it – but also talks about reducing carbon emissions, partly by changing our transportation system and partly by investing more in renewables and energy efficiency.


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