Concord Patch, one of the few functioning chapters left from that noble effort to create a national network of local news outlets, has posted an item with pictures from some people who say they saw a UFO over Concord. It’s the classic “I don’t know what it is, therefore it must be space aliens” argument. I won’t link to it because what’s the point? You’ve seen the same vague light/shape/movement picture/film a zillion times.

I mention it only because Ryan Mullahy of Keene, who runs New Hampshire UFO Research, brought it to the attention of the Concord Monitor. He hoped that if we picked up the story, we’d give it a little context. (We won’t pick it up, by the way.)

Here’s the context, from a guy who’s been looking at such photos and videos “for 20 years”: The UFOs are lens reflections from the parking-lot lights that you can see in the bottom of the pictures.

Mullahy is not a UFO skeptic; he gives talks about the possibility, even likelihood, that unidentified sightings have happened. He contacted us not to pooh-pooh the idea of UFOs, just to pooh-pooh this particular sighting, which he dismissed as “clickbait”.

“There have been a lot of credible UFO sighting in New Hampshire. When this sort of stuff comes along … it’s really detrimental to actual, credible UFO sightings,” he said.

Personally, I don’t think any credible UFO sightings exist, but we agreed to disagree on that topic. I said I’d be happy to pass along his expertise – so I have.



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