Small-town museums are, let’s be honest, usually cute and amusing, but not much more. And I speak as a guy who helps run my small town’s history museum.

That’s why I was so delighted by the New Hampshire Telephone Museum in tiny Warner, which is an excellent museum about the technology and history of telecommunications. It’s got everything from 1880s wall phone with wet batteries (jar of caustic chemicals with wires in it) through funky 70s phone that look like sex toys (yes, I was able to put a mention of sex toys in a story about a telephone museum) through cell phones, plus lots of information about installation crews and even different types of cabling, if you have a cable fetish.

A very cool place for anybody with even vague geek tendencies. Check out the story right here, and schedule a trip – their winter hours, which are much constricted, start Nov. 1.

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