A website with the incredibly specific name of DataCenterFrontier.com has a big article about how data centers are springing up in places outside the “big six” – New York, D.C., Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. One example it cites is:

In many local markets, the first companies to benefit from demand for data center services are the existing telecom service providers. One example of this is FairPoint.

The company converted two former central office buildings into data centers in the New Hampshire cities of Manchester and Laconia, each offering about 4,000 square feet of raised floor space. FairPoint says it’s seen 13 percent annual growth in data center demand across Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. About 70 percent of its colocation customer base is focused on disaster recovery and backup, but Alberding says that is starting to change as more businesses adopt off-site application hosting.

“One healthcare client has a data center located in the center of their hospital,” said Alberding. “They wanted to move it out and replace it with revenue-producing beds. By moving out, they also get scalable data center real estate. That’s been a common theme – companies making better use of space.”

I wrote about this in February, when it was first announced, while I was still at the Nashua Telegraph.

The DatCenterFrontier article is here.


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