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I guess 14 years of blowing stuff up in interesting ways was enough: Mythbusters will wind up in 2016 after 248 episodes and 2,950 experiments.

But “Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have secretly known the end was coming all year and have been crafting an explosive final run for the seven-time Emmy-nominated series,” gushes Entertainment Weekly. But this is a show worth gushing over, so that’s OK. The article has pretty good interviews with the duo, too, in which Hyneman says he doubts he’ll go in front of a camera again because he doesn’t enjoy it: “I like the building and engineering so much, and if I’m doing something in front of the camera, it takes 5–10 times as long as if I was just making it. For somebody who truly is interested in design and engineering, it’s frustrating. I’m like a race horse attached to a freight wagon.”

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