Speaking of genetic modification of living things, as we were a couple posts ago, the FDA today approved the sale of genetically modified salmon. The salmon, which grows much faster than unmodified fish, is the first GMO non-plant to be approved for human consumption here.

The Atlantic salmon was developed by Maynard, Mass.-based AquaBounty Technologies … to grow to market weight faster than wild or farmed versions of the fish, by incorporating a gene from the Chinook salmon. The company pitches its salmon as a more efficient way to meet growing demand for farmed fish, and reduce pressure on wild fisheries.

AquaBounty estimates it will take several years before its fish hits the market, because the company needs to develop facilities to produce the salmon and begin raising them. The approval is a major victory for the company, which initially sought approval in 1995 and has in the past struggled to maintain funding.

So says The Wall Street Journal in this story.


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