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Online surveys are, of course, baloney, but some are more entertaining baloney than others. At the top of the entertaining list has to be the analyzed results of this survey by people who signed up for  Eight Sensible Gifts for Hannukah from the folks who make the rude but entertaining game Cards Against Humanity. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click away – or just nod and keep reading.)

The company asked the roughly 150,000 customers to take a survey of various ridiculous questions, then correlated the answers in various ways (e.g., reported penis length for each preferred presidential candidate).

For New Hampshire, however, the most relevant datapoint was percentage of respondents who would “prefer a fajita to an orgasm right now”. In New Hampshire, the fajita preference was higher, at 47.9 percent, than in  any other state.

What this says about our sexual drive, or the quality of our Mexican restaurants, is up for debate.

(Note that Cards Against Humanity points out that this is a trick questions, because you can have both at the same time.)

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