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If you wonder why companies and governments squabble so much, and spend so much money, over access to the broadcast spectrum, here’s why:

KITTERY, Maine — If your garage door remote isn’t opening or closing the door even after changing the batteries, you’re probably not going crazy. Instead, it’s likely the remote is using the same frequency Portsmouth Naval Shipyard started using for a recently installed communications system.

That’s the start of a story from seacoastonline, right here. It’s a good piece, with these tidbits:

The FCC does not license low-powered transmitter devices like garage door openers and baby monitor devices. These devices are not protected from interference by licensed users in the same frequency band nor are the non-licensed devices allowed to interfere with licensed users.

The shipyard recommends homeowners experiencing problems with their garage door openers to contact the manufacturer and request their device be retrofitted.

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