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The Monitor just got a joking email  – at least, I hope it’s a joke – speculating that the recent small earthquake in Warner was caused by sap being pulled out of maple trees as part of sugar season. Fracking causes earthquakes by pumping water into the ground, so why wouldn’t pulling liquid out of the group via trees do the same?

Lots of reasons, actually. But it’s an amusing idea. From the note:

“These types of seismic events do not just happen. There is an explanation. Does any one think that it is simply a coincidence that at the moment of maximum sap extraction an earthquake occurs? Sugaring is every bit as dangerous to our groundwater and geologic integrity as fracking in the oil and gas industries. And there is no oversight whatsoever” he went on to say. “This is a completely unregulated industry and believe me ‘Sugar daddies’ are cashing in!. It is the Wild West out there!”

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