A nice piece on Vox today about the five main obstacles facing autonomous vehicles covers material I’ve thought about (weather limiting sensors, AI is bad at figuring out what people are thinking) but also some things I hadn’t considered – such as:

Many car enthusiasts already modify their own vehicles to improve performance. What happens if they do this for self-driving cars and inadvertently compromise the computers’ decision-making ability? “Just as an example, someone puts on oversized wheels that distorts’ the cars sense of how fast it’s going,” he notes. “It’s hard to stop anyone from doing that.”

The piece is here.

If you missed this month’s Science Cafe Concord, at which we discussed self-driving vehicles, you can watch an edited (30-minute) version on YouTube, as filmed and edited by Concord TV.

Videos, both edited and full-length, of other Science Cafe Concord sessions can be seen via links here.

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