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At last night’s Science Cafe Concord, which discussed Lyme disease and thus ticks, UNH entomologist Alan Eaton discussed the importance of doing a “tick check” on yourself when you come in from outdoors, to pull off the little buggers before they’ve feasted on your flesh too long. That led the other panelist, Dr. Lynn Durand, to ruminate about a country song by a singer whose name he couldn’t remember – “Travis somebody?” – about the pleasures of doing very careful analysis of somebody else’s body, assuming it’s the right somebody else.

Nobody in the room knew the song or knew who performed it. And the Draft Sporgts Bar was packed: I counted 80 people, and I think a few left because of the crowding. No modern country fans in the Concord-area science fan demographic, I guess.

For future reference, the song “Ticks” is performed by Brad Paisley, which sort of sounds like Travis.


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