When NH Public Radio’s Peter Biello asked me, in our weekly chat, whether I thought stores would start selling “ugly fruit” – produce that doesn’t look perfect – I said not a chance.  We were talking about my Monitor column, which discussed the huge amount of food waste caused by unrealistic consumer expectations, and I ended on a pessimistic note.

But maybe I’m wrong! Consider this from Grist:

Earlier this year, the retail giant started selling “Spuglies,” or ugly potatoes, as part of an effort to cut down on food waste. This week it announced that it will begin selling a line of cosmetically challenged Washington state apples called “I’m Perfect” (a play on imperfect — get it?). The apples will start rolling out in 300 Walmart stores in Florida this week, where they will sell for lower prices than their sightlier sisters.

Good for you, Walmart. (Did I just say that?)

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