I am not a vegetarian but I sympathize with them – my red meat consumption has fallen to almost nothing through culinary inertia and the fact that Indian vegetarian meals are awesome  – so it has been interesting to watch a vegetarian colleague do a series of stories about Pink 2.0, a piglet she followed from birth to death.

I pitched my slightly disbelieving editors an idea: What if I followed a pig from birth to slaughter? In a time when local food is a growing trend, wouldn’t it be interesting (and important) to learn exactly how it’s raised?

Yes, it is interesting. Here’s her wrap up piece, with links to a number of earlier stories.

One interesting factoid: The pig cost roughly $500 to raise and brought in roughly $1,000 worth of meat … but that doesn’t count some overarching infrastructure costs, including the fact that Pink 1.0, the first piglet being followed, was accidentally killed by its mother. This is no way to get rich.



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