Makerspaces aren’t exactly going mainstream, but they are mainstream-ish, as you can see in a story in the Sunday Nashua Telegraph

Adam Shrey (head of MakeIt Labs in Nashua) was invited by the Office of Science Technology Policy on behalf of the White House to attend the A Nation of Makers conference, designed to plug federal officials in to representatives from maker spaces from around the country. … The Washington conference was a signal to the country’s tech innovators that the government thinks they may be onto something; and something big.

MakeIt Labs was the first makerspace in New Hampshire, and I think it’s still ahead of the pack in terms of pitching itself as a sort of pre-incubator, for would-be entrepreneurs to try stuff out before they’re ready go adopt the “start-up” label.

I wrote recently about a public makerspace opening in a middle school.

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