In the 1980s I was a reporter in Tennessee and I covered a number of auctions of material from the cancelled Clinch River nuclear power plant. It was pretty cool seeing developers bidding on 20-ton concrete structures and other industrial material.

Something like that is going to happen in Vermont, where Entergy Corp. has earmarked approximately $20 million worth of accumulated inventory from the closed Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant for public auction.

From the AP story: “Heritage Global Partners has documented more than 1,000 lots of goods for sale. Alex Dove, the auctioneer’s director of sales, says the number of individual objects runs many times that.  Dove says Heritage will be auctioning off everything from hand tools to parts of the plant itself. Also among the available items is 420 pounds of baking soda.”

Note that bids will not be accepted after Thursday.

The Clinch River plant never operated, so everything could be sold. Vermont Yankee has more limitations, of course.

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